Making Me Late

We have a strange set up for the horses: the pen next to the barn has a door with access in and out of the barn and next to it is a water tub. I go in and out of it frequently to feed and I stick the water hose underneath it to fill up the large tub. One morning, I didn't shut the door all the way and the trio snuck into the barn and out the overhead door and all the way out into the pasture.

Already running late to work, I quickly gather together three buckets and fill them with crimped oats. I start banging them together to get their attention, but the green grass sounded more appealing than oats as they all ignored me.

But then one head popped up, and then another, and shortly they were all trotting towards me, then they were loping—I was surely going to get trampled.

The sweet boys know better than to run over the person that gives them grain, and they followed me back into their pen. I was only a few minutes late to work. I pulled the water tub closer to the door so that the hose could reach with the door pulled shut—they haven't gotten into the barn again.