Houdini Lost His Touch

Maybe it's the winter air chilling the grass to a subtle brown because at one point the grass really was greener on the other side, but Rooster, our very own Houdini, has stopped performing his escape routine.

After I caught him on his way to the neighbors drive away, I decreed his jailing until further notice. I just put him in the pen by the barn. One morning when I was running late, I didn't have time to fill up the water in the pasture so I opened Rooster's pen so the other horses could have access to his water. I thought when I came home he would be in the front yard, but he wasn't. And he hasn't escaped since.

Big-boy Quasi and escape-artist Rooster now hang out in the farthest parts of the pasture like reunited best buds. Poor Quasi could not explain why I kept him from his friend when, in reality, his friend was leaving him.

From time to time they come back into view to gather around a large round bale with the rest. Poor Whip is typically out of sight as it seems his personality annoys the rest of the horses. 

The barn has attracted several critters—several kitties, a naughty raccoon, an ugly opossum, and many small mice. Bella, our pretty kitty, hissed and clawed at the patio glass door one evening. Turning the light on revealed a nasty looking opossum running back and forth along the house. He has now moved into the barn.

The raccoon apparently sits up in the rafters faking dead, then ravaging our grain bins. He chewed up all of the plastic lids and completely ruined one while knocking a bin over. It was a disaster. In the bin that was still standing, there was quite a bit of movement. Two small mice, one dead and one very much alive resided there. Poor guys.

It seems everyone is staying close to the barn—I'm guessing it's the grain!—Houdini and all.