Another character in our herd is Rooster, a bay horse that we got from my family. He's a mischievous but sweet soul that simply cannot be penned up. We kept him in a stall and he always managed to open the door to get to the stack of hay. Finally, we started locking the door but when the weather was nice we fixed up the pasture fence and put all five horses out there.

The fence was down in many different spots and in an effort not to pile too much money into fixing it, we did the bare minimum. On one of the outer corners, there is a ravine where the fence completely washed away so it was impossible to fix. We put the horses out there anyway thinking that big-boy Quasi and the rest would not find the hole.

Naturally, Rooster finds it right away.

Every day we would get home and he would be in various places around the yard and he never strayed very far. Our property is surround by trees with the narrow driveway a long way from the road. At feeding time he would mosey down to the gate for us to let him in. Once he got his fill, he would find the hole and graze away from the others. Occasionally, old-man Squeak would follow him and sometimes Whip too, but none of the other horses had any desire to leave. Quasi and Woody both stay put no matter what.

Below is footage of the escape artist.