Certificate in Publishing, Denver Publishing Institute 2017

Certificate in Publishing, Denver Publishing Institute 2017


My passions have one thing in common: the sense of going away, dying. Let me explain: Print publications are believed to be less relevant as digital technology improves. Rodeo, the cowboy way, and country living are as well. I want to write about these things as they occur to me in this modern world.

You may wonder why I would want to write about this and that is an easy answer. But then you may ask, "Who would want to read it?" And that is a trickier answer. It's the question of art for art's sake—writing for the sake of writing and writing for myself—and writing for an audience or even for money. If I am creating my online brand, I believe I need to have all of this in mind. But at what cost?

This blog is an attempt to coalesce my passions, literature, print, rodeo, horses and situate them in the digital modern world. I want to collaborate with other creators and those who share my passions.

My mom got me addicted to books. We reveled in finding errors in novels and I started writing my own stories. Taking copy editing courses in college, I knew immediately this was the job for me. At Hastings College I majored in English, Spanish, and publishing gaining experience in the entire book publishing process from start to finish.

I copy edit and proofread manuscripts. Using InDesign I lay out the book and create the front and back covers. I have learned aspects of marketing a book as well at Denver Publishing Institute.

I also can write articles and essays to fit your needs. I also provide consultancy for writing, formatting, and flow. My work has been published in Oklahoma Gazette and I have poetry published in literary journal Plainsongs. My work will also appear in Art Cult Zine.

If you are an author needing guidance in self-publishing, or getting your manuscript ready to submit to a publisher, I can help or if you have any writing needs, email me at hmeeske13@hastings.edu