Cowboy Culture

The academic definition of culture "lacks the color and flavor of the cowboy's culture—his HORSE and SADDLE, his LARIAT whistling in the air, the red-hot BRANDING IRON, the smell of burning hair and flesh on a calf being branded, sleeping under a BLANKET OF STARS, the taste of DUST on a long trail drive, the smell of hot COFFEE on a cold morning, a new pair of handmade BOOTS, or the fine wines served to wealthy cattlemen in the Cheyenne Club." —David Dary, Cowboy Culture: A Saga of Five Centuries


The Man Walking Beside Me

 There’s an art in defining a cowboy. Poems, songs, and books have been written on the idea of a rugged, hard-working man. There’s clichés for defining a cowboy and there are certainly metaphors made about the cowboy way of life. Yet few people have met a real cowboy, mostly because the term real is subjective.


Sanders Custom Silver

In Guthrie, Oklahoma, Amber Sanders started Sanders Custom Silver creating jewelry such as rings, pendants, necklaces and more. Sanders discusses the undertaking of her creative business and how she got started. "In 2013 I started helping my husband make spurs, conchos, and buckles," Sanders said. "I took what I learned from my husband and started to scale it down to see if I could make jewelry."


The Relevance of Print and the Old West

My entire online brand is situated upon things—print publications and Western culture—that seem less and less relevant everyday, and it inspires me to see people who see it differently.